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Wednesday, June 29, 2016 launches its own property tax calculator. It’s much better.

Second Property Tax calculator launched, this time by

Local property tax calculator launched by

With so much confusion around the government’s attempts to aid people in defining their property tax, popular website has now launched a more comprehensive Local Property Tax Calculator. Daft says it is “designed to give you an estimated property value for the purpose of deducing your relevant tax band.”

Last Sunday saw the government unveil the online local property tax to allow home owners check what their property is valued at according to the Department of Revenue. It is, in a word, crap.

What makes Daft’s calculator better is the fact that it allows you to include additional details that the government’s meagre attempts are badly missing. You can now include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and whether the house has a garden. Details which, as I pointed out earlier this week, can have a major impact on the price of your house, but the government overlooked these anyway.

This additional information will certainly help you get a more specific selling price for your house. It does, however, still recommended you check out the Property Price Register for a list of recent property sales in your area, which will give you a better idea again of what the going rate is in your area.

Like the government’s efforts, this calculator provides estimates only and cannot take into consideration factors such as square footage, state of repair or other “exceptional or unique features,” which will have to be assessed separately. It is, without a doubt, a more worthy effort to help people sort out how much they will be handing over to the government.

Daft also says that it has based the information built into the calculator on a data base of around 150,000 house sales around the country.

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