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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

*BREAKING NEWS* Pope Francis announces shock resignation

Pope Francis to step down

Pope Francis to step down at end of month.

In a shock announcement this morning, it has been announced that Pope Francis is to step down on April 29th.

A statement was released this morning by the Vatican’s press office with few details revealed but some Vatican sources have said that it’s thought Pope Francis is stepping aside for the same reasons Pope Benedict did in February.

Pope Francis has only been in office since March 13th but for the first time in the Catholic Church’s history, two popes will have stepped aside two months in row. Could the Catholic Church be on the verge of collapse?

According to Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, it’s reported that an investigation into the infamous Vatileaks debacle is set to bring the Catholic Church to its knees with a massive scandal set to be revealed.

It’s understood that the 300-page report compiled highlights a number of factions in existence in the Vatican, one of which includes a group of men “united by sexual orientation.” It was rumoured in February that Pope Benedict was stepping aside due to the contents of this report, leaving it to the newly elected pope to deal with.

“Nobody would ever have expected such an announcement,” said Fr. Stultus Aprilis, who works in the Vatican’s press office.

“This report looks set to rock the church… it’s the biggest event in the church’s history since the death of Jesus Christ himself,” another Vatican source told a local newspaper in Rome.

As we reported previously, Vatican officials have been blackmailed after outsiders discovered this group of gay clergy men in the Holy See. The men have been subject to “external influence” from laymen with whom they had links of a “worldly nature”, ie. they guys they were having sex with were going to expose them.

It now appears that the pope has been left shocked by the contents of the report and obviously thinks it is set to leave the Church in crisis and he is not the one to deal with it.

The report also ties in with the fact to reports last month that the Vatican owns an apartment block which houses a gay sauna, as well as being official living quarters for cardinals.

We will have more details on this story as it develops.

Image: Papist

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